How to Become a Consultant

It might sound a little impossible to be self employed simply by giving advice, but in many ways this is exactly what a professional consultant does to earn a living. Experienced professionals who are willing to share their knowledge may just find that consulting can be a rewarding, viable career. Learn how to become a consultant, and get a good start on being self employed.

Become a Consultant

Become a Consultant

Want to become self employed? Some may achieve this end through giving professional advice to individuals and/or businesses. Those with work experience and knowledge in a particular field could find themselves highly in demand if they’re willing to share their skills with others. It isn’t difficult to learn how to become a consultant. In fact, it all starts with online advertising.

Become Self Employed

To become self employed and make a living as a consultant, start by placing classified ads online. Sites like Craigslist give everyone the opportunity to promote themselves, hire new employees, or sell their services to the public at large. Craft a well-worded (but not over-worded ad) offering a brief history of experience, and offer contact information for those seeking advice and help.

How to Be a Consultant

Almost any type of professional, if they’re good at what they do and want to help others, could become a consultant. Individuals with knowledge in a certain field have a lot to offer to others. For instance, successful writers may offer online seminars, editing services and any number of helpful tips and hints (even, perhaps, resources) to those who aspire to the same. Highly experienced educators may share their knowledge with newcomers to the profession. To be a consultant, all an individual really needs is a working knowledge of their chosen field and the desire to share tips and advice with others who could benefit from the information.

Make Money as a Consultant

To turn being a consultant into a professional, self employed career, it will be necessary to charge for consulting services. Often, an hourly rate is used to determine the pay rate- but be sure to document these hours and present the bill as a professional-looking invoice. Many consultants create Web sites to promote their services, in addition to placing ads that make others aware of them.

In any business, word of mouth is important. Treat clients well, perform the services they request and provide the advice they seek. A satisfied customer will often do much better advertising than even the most well-placed classified. Be prompt, be professional, and be well-prepared. Being a consultant is something every professional is capable of doing; turning advice-giving into self employment only requires a little more hard work.