Top 5 British breakfasts

Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find each destination has its own personal breakfast favourites and the UK is certainly no different. Below are the five most popular British breakfasts.

1: The fry-up

A fry-up is the ultimate British breakfast. No matter which part of the UK you head to, the fry up is the number one breakfast choice. However, you might find that different parts of the UK have a slightly different variation of what makes the perfect fry-up. The most popular version tends to contain sausage, bacon, egg, beans, black pudding, toast, hash browns and mushrooms. While the most popular breakfast idea, this is also one of the unhealthiest options. Therefore, it’s best consumed in moderation and you might want to consider grilling the ingredients rather than frying them for a slightly healthier touch.

2: Toast

Those looking for a quick breakfast typically end up grabbing a couple of slices of toast with jam or marmalade. Simple, quick and easy to make, it’s not hard to see why this is so popular in the morning rush. The high carbohydrate content also helps to give you a quick burst of energy, giving you the motivation to leave the house!

3: Cereals

Cereals are another popular option. Again it’s the convenience of cereals that make them so popular – with just a quick splash of milk it’s ready to eat. Cereal can also be a nutritious option, especially if you opt for muesli or porridge. These meals release their energy slowly throughout the morning and have a number of health benefits.

4: Bacon/sausage bap

Depending upon which part of the country you head to, this breakfast could be called something different. Many call it a bap; others call it a roll or a sandwich. This breakfast alternative is basically a fry up in a bread bun, often topped off with brown sauce or tomato Ketchup.

5: Pancakes

Pilfered from the US, the Brits now love pancakes for breakfast. They can be doused in maple syrup, served alongside bacon or contain any number of weird and wonderful ingredients. Whether you fancy sweet or savoury, there’s a pancake filling to suit your cravings. You can even find pancakes that contain a full range of English breakfast ingredients such as egg, bacon, sausage and mushrooms.